Meet our coaches!

Coach Nicole

Nicole is a mother to two children and was always putting everyone before herself, until the day she realized she couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without needing a break before getting to the top. That’s when she knew it was time to make a change and do something for herself. Soon health and fitness became a priority and she successfully lost over 80lbs! After such a dramatic change in life she wanted to help others attain their goals, especially those who didn’t think they could! Watching many athletes come in unhealthy wanting so badly to change but didn’t know how to even begin. That’s when she found her true passion in life and began coaching.

Coach Becky

Becky does not enjoy quiet walks on the beach. She enjoys life, whether lived at full speed or crawling over rocks with her husband in their jeeps. After using family and career as an excuse to keep from taking care of herself, a few health issues became more of a concern and she realized that if she wanted to live a long life she needed to make some changes, now. The biggest change was joining a CrossFit gym. Yep, jump into the deep end or stay out of the pool.
After realizing how much better she felt and how much better her stats were and that others could benefit from a more active lifestyle, she drank the koolaid, got her CFL1, became an affiliate as Pahrump CrossFit and opened Evolution Strength & Fitness with her son.

Coach Brent

Brent is a former collegiate baseball player that began lifting weights at 14. He was told shortly after his college career ended “your mental health will always be tied to your physical health.” He continued to lift weights into his early 30’s. After a few years of ignoring his physical health and a career change, he decided it was time to start taking better care of his body. His CrossFit journey began with a 1 month membership he received as a 35th birthday gift from his mom Coach Becky. He was instantly hooked! Pushing himself to be a better athlete and expanding his physical and mental abilities has been his second favorite part. The best part of his journey has been working out with his family and friends!